Once you decided to move abroad, international moving companies are a must for you to move all of your belongings in a safe and efficient way. These companies offer a variety of specialized services that will give you peace of mind regarding the stressful process of international moving.


The whole process of international moving will become much simple than it seems if you hire a professional international moving company. They can ship anything from small boxes to 40 feet containers or cars. 


They will individually pack your goods according to regulations and place them in protective packaging such as special plywood or carton. If you want to protect the environment, you can even ask for environmentally friendly packing materials. There are special recyclable and unbleached materials made from sustainable resources available. You’ll have to check if your company uses them as well.


Ask them about the estimated transportation times. It will allow you to plan everything so that you can feel at home as soon as possible. 


An important feature of many international moving companies is the online tracking system. You can see the status of your shipment at any time and from any place. That is great because it will save you lots of stress.


With companies such as Excess International or Fox International Removals, you’ll also get assistance at destination through a network of trusted partners and associations. Their staff will guide you along the way and help you solve any inconveniences regardless of the location. They also make sure that the shipments and the paperwork respect the rules of the destination country.


There are certain stages of a successful international moving:


•    Pre-move consultations – the initial meetings with the representatives of the international moving company;

•    Booking of the means of transport – selecting the type of transportation and booking it for certain dates of the month. The transportation can be performed through planes, sea or road;

•    Storage concerns  – deciding how will the goods get stored and discussions about packaging;

•    Documentation – it includes the required shipment paperwork;

•    Full pack of the goods – proper packaging of all the belongings;

•    Goods delivery – the goods leave towards the new home;

•    Home delivery – you can get them to your door after they reach the country through partners of the moving company;

•    Unpacking and checking the goods – you verify the status of your items.


Also, there are several things to take into consideration when you select an international moving company:


•    You should provide them all the information that they need about the new destination. Failing to do so could result in major inconveniences. For example, if you have an apartment at the 3rd floor and there is not elevator in the building. 

•    Don’t choose the company that tempts you with the lowest price. If the price is way lower than usual, you could end up paying additional fees that will probably make the price much higher than expected.

•     You should always sign a contract. Don’t start your move before you sign a contract or before you agree to all the terms and conditions.


International moving companies offer an incredible helping hand when it comes to moving abroad. The professionals will organize the process and offer you all the services you need even if you move across the globe.

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